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During the process of civil litigation, a dispute between two parties is solved monetarily, or the dispute is attempted to be solved monetarily, with one party seeking compensation from the other. There are many different types of civil litigation, as well as many different circumstances in which the parties came to this junction in the first place. Whether you need an lawyer that has experience in negligent security, products liability, corporate fraud, or serious injuries, the Boston civil litigation lawyers of The Baez Law Firm are here to help. Our areas of practice include all of the following:

  • Corporate Fraud. Just like people, corporations commit fraud. This occurs when a corporation misrepresents a fact or downright lies for economical gain. Corporate fraud can include insurance fraud, securities fraud, and identity theft, among others. A corporate fraud case can be a lengthy process due to the complex discovery periods and the review of witness testimony, corporate documents, and other evidence. Our lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that corporate fraud does not go unchecked.
  • Negligent Security. Business owners owe lawful entrants, persons with permission to be on the property, a duty to keep their floors clear of debris, ensure that products are not stacked unsafely, and to clearly display emergency exits. They also have a duty to provide a reasonable amount of security, and depending on the type of establishment, that may mean security guards, cameras, gated entries, adequate parking lot lighting, and other security measures. When a lawful entrant, a person with permission to be on the premises, gets injured or robbed, even if the perpetrator is another party, the business owner may be held liable for negligent security.
  • Medical Board Hearings & Trials for Medical Malpractice. When a physician is accused of medical malpractice for negligent care or other improper conduct, they must appear before the Massachusetts medical board for administrative proceedings. We also provide professional legal representation for dentists during dental board hearings & trials.
  • Products Liability. When a business produces an unsafe product, whether the error occurs during design, manufacturing, or somewhere else along the line from the factory to your home, the negligent party may be held liable when it causes an injury. Potentially dangerous products, when a defect is present, include automobiles, smoke alarms, furniture, electronics, toys, and virtually anything that is sold to consumers. For instance, toys alone caused 254,200 injuries in 2015, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Intentional Torts. When someone is the victim of a crime, the defendant not only faces criminal charges, but civil penalties too. If you were injured, either emotionally, psychologically, or physically, or you suffered property damage or any other type of damage, you may be able to collect financial compensation from the responsible party.
  • Serious Injuries. Most serious injuries that are the fault of another in Massachusetts are caused by slip and falls and traffic collisions. You may be owed considerable damages by the negligent party if you suffered a serious injury of any type.

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Our Boston civil litigators have won complicated, high-profile cases for clients on both sides of the dispute. For more information on how we can help you in your case, please call us today.

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