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Your Defense to False Accusations of Rape in Miami

By The Baez Law Firm |

Though rare at just two to ten percent, false accusations of rape do happen. When they do, the person falsely accused is still run through the ringer, and more often than not, convicted despite his innocence. At The Baez Law Firm, we are here to protect individuals that are falsely accused of any crime,… Read More »


It Does Not Pay to Embezzle: Your Defense to Embezzlement Charges

By The Baez Law Firm |

On Monday, Feb. 13th, long time manager of Harriet Tubman Terrace apartments in Poughkeepsie, Carl Immich, was found guilty of embezzling more than $150,000 from the federally subsidized complex. On Oct. 5th of last year, he plead guilty to the charges of two counts of embezzlement of over $5,000, and on April 13th, he… Read More »


Making a False Statement to the Government

By The Baez Law Firm |

On Friday, Feb. 3, a Florida man plead guilty to making false statements to the government. According to local news sources, John Haskew of Lakeland told authorities that “Jesus Christ created wealth for everyone,” which is why he felt compelled to make $7 billion in illegal transfers. Haskew reportedly needed to pay off a… Read More »


Juvenile Shoplifting Charges in Florida

By The Baez Law Firm |

Unfortunately, many teens tend to “dabble” in illegal activities, one of the most popular of which is shoplifting. Categorized as petty theft and burglary under Florida Statute, Chapter 812, juvenile shoplifting is considered a criminal offense for which the offender can face juvenile charges. If found guilty, the juvenile offender then becomes a juvenile… Read More »


Can a Misdemeanor be Changed to a Felony?

By The Baez Law Firm |

In the United States, criminal offenses are separated into two categories: felonies and misdemeanors. Most people are aware that misdemeanors are far less severe, and come with lesser consequences, than felonies. However, not many people are aware of the fact that a misdemeanor can be changed to a felony and vice versa. Once you… Read More »


Girl Raised by her Kidnapper Found 18 Years Later; Mother Faces Life in Prison

By The Baez Law Firm |

Eighteen years ago, South Carolina resident Gloria Williams experienced a miscarriage, a devastating event to say the least. One week later, she was seen roaming the halls of the Fort Lauderdale hospital’s maternity ward. Posing as a nurse, she sat by the side of Shanara Mobley, only 16 at the time, and pretended to… Read More »


Crime & Punishment of Looting & Criminal Mischief in Florida

By The Baez Law Firm |

In light of recent events at President Trump’s Inauguration in DC, our lawyers feel that it is a good time to discuss criminal mischief. Under Florida law, criminal mischief occurs when a person knowingly, willfully, and maliciously causes damage to any property belonging to another person or entity. Looting – something that has been… Read More »


Fleeing & Eluding Law Enforcement in Miami, Florida

By The Baez Law Firm |

Fleeing and eluding law enforcement is illegal in every state, and is an offense that comes with varying degrees of criminal penalties. Depending on the degree of the crime, eluding law enforcement can result in a mandatory adjudication of guilt and driver’s license suspension. Eluding law enforcement typically occurs when a driver of a… Read More »


What to do When Your Child is Arrested for Drug Possession

By The Baez Law Firm |

When your child is arrested for drug and alcohol related offenses, it can have serious repercussions on their future. For the possession of some substances, the related punishment is time in juvenile detention. For the possession of other, more serious substances, your child may be tried as an adult and face considerable time in… Read More »


Proving Self-Defense in a Murder Case

By The Baez Law Firm |

On February 26, 2015, Susan Joy Jacobson murdered her common-law husband, Marvin Neal James, during what she claimed was another episode of domestic violence. According to Jacobson, James kicked her then pregnant belly. After a brief struggle, she got up and, in what she thought was a race, ran to get James’ gun. She… Read More »

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